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  • May 11, 2022
  • 2 mins read

TV SYD is live with Dina and Mimir

Congratulations to the team at TV SYD 

Article republished from 7Mountains

This week Danish TV SYD went live with new tools for their journalists and editors, with Dina and Mimir at the core of their newsroom workflows. We congratulate the team and all involved parties on this successful project. 


Dina is created by 7Mountains and is a story-centric newsroom tool that runs in the cloud. Dina sits at the heart of the newsroom at TV SYD as the core tool for their news planning, creation and publishing. 

Mimir is the media management solution powering the news production at TV SYD. It integrates with Dina for journalists to quickly find the images and videos they need for their stories. It also integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro for a complete editing workflow.

The solutions are sold and delivered by the systems integrator and video experts, Mediability, the Nordic partner of Dina and Mimir.


Image: TV host and editor Signe Dohn (image courtesy of TV SYD) 





Learn more about the tools in use 

One tool for all with a story-centric workflow

With the integrated Dina and Mimir solutions, you take a proper step into a story-centric workflow for your journalists and editors.

What does story-centric mean? This means one tool for all platforms, including creating, planning, and publishing stories to a CMS, linear TV, and social media channels.

The journalists working in Dina can prepare all their content, including text, videos and images, for all platforms AND publish to linear TV via an integrated rundown module, to their website CMS platform via easy-to-use templates, to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. All is done from within one unified user interface; Dina.

With a story-centric workflow, there is no need to jump from tool to tool to create content for multiple platforms, enabling the journalist to work much more efficiently.

Learn more about Dina here.

Video management in a smarter way

Mimir is a media management solution powering news productions and editing suites. It integrates with Dina for journalists to quickly find the images and videos they need for their stories. It also integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro for a complete editing workflow. 

Mimir automates the process of speech-to-text transcriptions, translations, persons, objects and labels detection, events and more using AI technology. This gives the journalist a search tool, within Dina or from any web interface, to find the videos and images they need for their stories.

With Mimir, the journalist can, for example, narrow down a search for spoken words in a transcript with a specific person or persons present and with a particular object.

Learn more about Mimir here


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