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Mimir operates on a policy of only integrating with best of breed AI technologies, and only by customer demand. Speechmatics is one such partner, and provides AI-powered speech-to-text services integrated with Mimir. Speechmatics is available to customers as easily as a choice in a dropdown menu inside Mimir, and can be set as the default transcription service for any language the end user chooses.

A foundation for search and metadata is language - and most video contains a lot of spoken word. To be able to do what Mimir does best - adding rich, searchable metadata to video, allowing customers to search and find assets at high speed, edit video based on snippets of transcribed text, and so forth - leverages speech-to-text to be fast, accurate and well-timed. With ever-increasing accuracy across 50 languages, great speech-to-text transcription such as the one provided by speechmatics will be an ever more important factor in adding value to video.

For more information on speechmatics, visit them here: