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Automate any media workflow around mimir!
qibb is a leading integration platform in media. It enables users to automate any workflow
with ease and provides flexibility to seamlessly integrate new technologies into media supply
chains while empowering teams to monitor maintain workflows independently.


qibb has a growing catalog of 100+ connectors – including mimir and dina, but also services from
AWS, OpenAI, MediaKind, and many more – opens endless possibilities.

Whether orchestrating media planning, streamlining asset management, integrating GenAI
tools, or accelerating asset delivery, qibb meets any workflow need. qibb’s low-code
approach enables fast, flexible, and cost-effective configuration of powerful automations
while meeting enterprise-grade standards. Thus, fundamentally changing system integrations
and workflow automation.

The most wanted use cases with Mimir are :
  • Apply automated housekeeping rules on assets
  • Identify highlights in assets and add them to a sequence
  • Summarize videos and generate drafts for social posts
  • Generate story folders including placeholders – directly from planning
  • Export assets including mapped metadata to playout, archive, CMS, and much more
Both products being cloud native and API-first, mimir and qibb are a perfect match. Qibb
enables the creation of automated media workflows with mimir across more than 100 pre-built
integrations. Reach out to us to find out how you can leverage this partnership to automate
any media workflow

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