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Social media juggernaut drives creativity through always-available production systems.

The Content and Production team of the Philadelphia Eagles are renowned for their ability to deliver authenticity, on-brand personality, and quality of content across social media platforms and broadcast partners.

High-value assets

According to Sports Business Journal the Philadelphia Eagles have the most combined fan engagements across social media and the highest social media value of any NFL team, way ahead of the first runner-up.

An ever-expanding array of media productions and growing repository of content, including historical footage, weekly updates from press conferences, community events, interviews, analyses, and gameday highlights, meant that they needed a new way to work with assets in order to guard and develop this hard-won value further. 

With a clear goal to put in place a system that would maintain the same operational efficiency on the road as during home games, was easy to maintain, and provided better cost forecasting, a cloud-native production solution was chosen.

Speed, accuracy, and anywhere-access

CHESA designed a solution for the Eagles consisting of cloud-native SaaS asset management system Mimir for seamless asset management, integrated with Moovit’s Helmut for efficient workflow orchestration. Files are hosted on Backblaze for cloud-based archive and Quantum stornext for on-premises production storage - all tied together in a single workflow.

Creating content for multiple media platforms from the road and at home, the asset management solution had to combine streamlining technical asset control with production and collaboration capabilities surpassing traditional, on-prem options. Close integration with Adobe Creative Cloud through Helmut was also crucial to ensure comprehensive project management of all creative deliverables from start to finish.

For a sports entity such as the Eagles, speed and precision are essential to be a viable way forward, and Mimir’s use of AI to enrich the metadata of assets means they can be found quickly when needed - no matter their age or location. Furthermore, the elaborate metadata system core to Mimir allows the control of essential rights management.