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Linn Veronica Bredesen, CEO of Kunnusta, is one of four speakers in the session: Northern Stars: Four exciting media tech startups from Media City Bergen.


The #MTHCON23 features Mimir in a keynote session 

The MTHCON23 conference has an impressive lineup of speakers, including several tech companies from Norway. Mimir will be presented in the Northern Stars session with our integration partner CuttingRoom, Factiverse, and MuyBridge. The program includes Guests of Honors sessions from Norway, including NRK, Monster, and Nordisk Film. See the schedule here

Linn Veronica Bredesen is the CEO of Kunnusta, which specializes in cloud production workflows with Mimir. Learn more about Kunnusta here


Mimir is a cloud-native asset management and video production platform. Key features include: 

  • Mimir manages all your live videos, clips, images, audio files, and documents.
  • Mimir uses AI for automatic metadata logging to power its industry-leading search and integrates with a wide range of AI technologies for transcriptions, translations, object and face detection, event detection, and more.
  • Access Mimir directly in the newsroom, from Dina, iNews, or any other newsroom system, or use its stand-alone web interface, integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro or any other editing system. The platform supports a range of integration possibilities. 
  • NEW rough-cutter for creating video clips for sharing the workload between the editing suite and the newsroom.
  • NEW interaction with LiveU for live video production and editing
  • Advanced integrations with the workflow engines qibb and Q-Swift are new, utilizing new and improved AI technologies, such as generative AI.
  • Mimir collaboration features enable professionals to seamlessly work from anywhere, from the office, home, or while traveling. 


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