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New features of Mimir. The product newsletter is out today. 

The Mimir product newsletter is sent out today to our customers and contacts. We share an overview here of important new features and give you a sneak peek into what's coming. To see more of our news, sign up for our newsletter here

New features for sharing & collaboration

Collaboration just became easier within Mimir. Users can now share content within Mimir securely with anyone who does not have a Mimir account. Features include sending a share link to email addresses with a custom message, setting expiry time and providing an easy overview of all active shares. Learn more about Mimir on the product page here



Live production with Mimir 

Mimir has a new user interface to plan recordings, including recurring recordings. With the Mimir scheduler interface, users get an overview of their recordings across multiple locations, including live sources from anywhere in the world. Any number of people can preview any ongoing recording at any time. 

Optical Character Recognition

We take Mimir’s search functionality to the next level by adding optical character recognition (OCR). The service uses artificial intelligence (AI) to add metadata to your search index. Written text from your content is automatically detected and searchable within Mimir. Read more below. 

Enhanced metadata editing

In Mimir, users can now see who is editing metadata and see updates as they take place. Mimir takes care of edit conflicts when changes occur in fields with local edits.


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