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So all you wanted to do was go to Las Vegas and look at all the new and shiny Mimir stuff - but your finance department’s travel policy got in the way? Don’t worry, here is a selection of good news!

Make it quick!


Everyone knows that in media work, your need for speed grows with the approaching deadlines - which is why great shortcuts are so essential to media professionals. Take a look at the most-used shortcuts to save you time when it counts.


Share lives


When great content is coming in, you need shares to go out - so more collaborators can look at and work on the same stuff, at the same time, while it is all live.


Rewrap baby!

Available on request:  a high-speed rewrap preset for Mimir cutter which creates an MXF file without re-encoding, meaning ultra-high-speed, lossless rendering for AVC-Intra and XAVC-Intra codecs. 

Echo Chamber

We know - you need audio!
16 channel audio presets are now available when working with Mimir Cutter 🔈


Mimir Knowledge Drop

My Work!

Setting and using the "My Work" folder is a great tool to quickly access your assets, drag and drop content during research and generally save time and be productive!



Get it fresh!

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