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Some updates come from customer requests, some come from great ideas and others from necessity - this month you will find all three PLUS a shameless NAB teaser if you read all the way till the end.

Under the hood, over the moon



If you want to be a player, you have to make it easy for everyone to play; We’ve done a bunch of work to empower admins, partners and even our own video treatment. So: API keys are here. And we have gathered webhooks, client hooks and custom actions under single custom header support. And we have improved Mimir sequence rendering by ensuring that 10-bit color information is now preserved in your assets. 


Gotta wear shades



We’ve  added a Light theme to help you see that beautiful Mimir interface on long, dark winter nights. Worried about conformity? No problem - you can set up a default System Theme to make sure all your Mimirs look the same. 


Attachments and subtitles


You already have an overview of the relational connections of your content, now we are introducing an enhanced attachment workflow for items, that lets you upload and attach any file type to an asset. Mimir also allows editing properties during upload and detects the kind of file you are adding - including subtitle files that can now be previewed in the video player when uploaded as attachments.


Big is Beautiful



Some ideas come from brilliant engineers, others from brilliant customers, and some are just plain common sense. When a #featurerequest combine the last two, it tends to get made - so now you can preview all your videos and images in fullscreen!


Mimir Teaser

Search, and Ye shall Find!




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