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Bookmarks are not just bookmarks. Use personal ones to return instantly to often-used searches and material. Use system bookmarks for company or group-wide filters to streamline workflows even more.

Take me home


Sometimes you forget what you learned first! No matter where you are in Mimir, in searches, folders, transcripts or sequence editing - you can always return to the default view by clicking the logo in the top left corner, and then hitting Reset to clear parameters.


Make it Personal 



You work on similar stories using similar assets all the time - why not create your own stack of cheat links to save time, frustration and keystrokes?


Everyone is looking

To streamline workflows across the team you can add system bookmarks - typically to filter for assets that have been approved, published or any other useful parameter where you want to make sure everyone - or only selected groups - in the organization can see the same thing.

Any view applies

A bookmark is not just a bookmark - in Mimir they will also recall the specific view used when created, giving you the option to present the content better, and find the right stuff faster.


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Work in bulk!




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