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A drawing of a humorous viking, portraining Mimir, the wisest of the Norse gods
Password protect your shares, speaker-split transcriptions, URLs to share and go anywhere, uploading content trees - did you catch all that?

Mimir Monthly #2: Sharing is Caring!

To Protect and Share


When sharing an asset or folder with someone, it is now possible to specify a password on each share for privacy, security and to make sure your content ends up with the intended recipient. Try it now!

Talking heads, separated 


A transcript is only as good as it’s accuracy - AND the way it is presented back to the user. We’ve added splitting paragraphs on speaker change to make it even easier to follow the transcript, and to select the part of the asset you need.

Location, location, location

To work efficiently, you need to send your colleagues direct links to what you want them to see. Now you can do just that - copy and share URLs that take the recipient directly to an asset, a folder or even to a search view. The best part? It works seamlessly across Mimir desktop and browser!

Give a Tree

To save time, remove confusion and add structure, it is now possible to allow external contributors to upload folders with subfolders and content. Maintaining the folder tree integrity means uploaders can save time, reduce confusion and you can quickly locate their items in Mimir.

mimir-logo-icon-1x1 Mimir Knowledge Drop
Fuzzy is Snazzy!


This month’s Mimir Knowledge Drop is Fuzzy search! Most of you know of this already but if you don’t: this will save you from your spelling. Uploaded a clip and made a typo in the original? No problem. Often make typos while you search? No worries. By enabling Fuzzy search you improve your chances of finding what you need, not just what you named it.



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