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  • January 17, 2023
  • 2 mins read

Mimir integrates with the qibb workflow engine

Mimir is now fully integrated with the qibb integration and automation platform

qibb is an integration platform for professional media workflows,  providing connectors to leading media applications. 

With the qibb integration with Mimir, you can easily automate workflows with minimal coding", says Jonas Michaelis, the Head of Operations qibb. 

He adds:

You can connect Mimir with more than 30 other media applications integrated with qibb and any other compatible service, making it easier than ever to customise and extend your Mimir solution. 

Example use cases for the integrated tools are, among others: 

  • Use ChatGPT (OpenAI) to generate an automatic description of a media asset in Mimir based on the transcript of the (see the short video clip of the integration below)
  • Introduce automated quality check rules for all ingested content and only allow files that meet your standards
  • Inform your team about new content, changes to folders, and deleted assets through MS Teams, Slack, or Email
  • Enable freelancers without Mimir access to add metadata to their items through a qibb Dashboard
  • Fetch viewer statistics for items that you published on YouTube and add them to your metadata
  • Build housekeeping rules moving your items to cheaper storage after 50 days and archiving them after 200 days

Learn about the qibb platform on their website here.   

CTO of Mimir, Steinar Søreide says:

It's impressive to see what the qibb team have accomplished with their Mimir integration. Our customers now  have an easy way of connecting Mimir with all the services already supported by qibb


HubSpot Video

Video: qibb integrated with Mimir for automatic description of a video asset using ChatGPT. 

About Mimir

Mimir is a video collaboration and production tool for professionals that runs in the cloud. Mimir has production asset management, archive, asset management, and object-store features. Artificial intelligence-assisted automatic metadata logging combined with a powerful search tool reduces the time needed to find the required content for editing projects and from video archives. Learn more about Mimir here.  

Contact us for more information about the possibilities of Mimir and qibb and to book a demo. 


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