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Work story-centric from end to end with LiveU, Mimir and Dina!
is a leader in live IP-video and remote production solutions. Built on its open platform, the LiveU EcoSystem adds efficiency and shortens workflows across the video production chain.


LiveU’s automatic recording and story metadata tagging solution, LiveU Ingest, is seamlessly integrated with Mimir and Dina as part of a story-centric workflow:
Live content is fed into LiveU Ingest (where it is automatically recorded) and directly delivered into a Mimir-accessible cloud storage bucket, ensuring any content is instantaneously available within the Mimir interface. Feeds are ready for editing and clipping in real-time from any location, even as they grow via the Mimir platform or a Non-Linear Editing System. With Dina, stories are generated with the metadata and carried across the LiveU contribution workflow until the video is automatically ingested in a Dina associated folder in Mimir. All the live assets are readily available and ready for instant publishing.

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