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We are in Hamburg this week to show Mimir at the Hamburg Open event.  

Book a demonstration of the cloud video production tool Mimir at the event. Our Mimir expert, Kristian Kim Eikeland (click to book demo), joins qbics media on their stand in hall B6, stand 506. 

See the integrated newsroom workflows 

qbics media is a consultant and service company with expertise in newsroom workflows, media ad production systems, and special experience in cloud workflows and production, with Mimir and Dina. qbics media is one of our selected partners. 

Cloud newsroom and production with Mimir and Dina
Mimir tightly integrates with the cloud newsroom tool Dina allowing users to search and add videos to their stories directly from the newsroom. Mimir offers advanced search capabilities for journalists to find the content they need. With access to a range of  AI technologies, TV East users can automate time-consuming tasks such as metadata logging, speech-to-text transcriptions, multi-language translations, facial recognition, object tracking, and more.  

Go here to book a demonstration of Mimir at the Hamburg Open event: 

Book demo

You can also book directly with qbics media for the event on their website here


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