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Glookast’s integration with Mimir enables true hybrid workflows for media enterprises who use a mix of cloud-based and on-prem software and storage mechanisms. By leveraging Glookast’s tools to bring media assets into your production environment, these assets can be made available to a geographically dispersed workforce securely, reliably, and efficiently.

Furthermore, the Glookast and Mimir integration provides mechanisms of keeping track of media relationships in order to correlate media assets both on-prem as well as in the cloud, such that users can request content for use regardless of their geographical location, and the Glookast system figures out where related media is available closest to the desired target location (regardless of whether the media file is in the cloud or on-prem), and seamlessly serves up that media file to the Mimir user who requested it.

All of Glookast’s features (i.e. multi-resolution and multi-destination workflows, media linking at the unique identifier level, etc.) and supported formats (SD, HD, UHD, drone, mobile, etc.) are applicable to / available with this integration.

For more information on glookast, visit them here: