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Mimir Desktop
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  • December 23, 2020
  • 2 mins read

From all of us to all of you: Mimir Desktop

2020 has been a very special and difficult year. From our outpost here on the west coast of Norway, we miss our dear friends and customers. But since the pandemic hasn’t hit us as hard as the rest of the world, we have been able to be quite productive. In fact so productive that we can present you with a little Christmas present that will be free for all our customers: Mimir Desktop.

A new tool for connecting Mimir 



It’s a new native application on Mac and Windows that allows for some very interesting new integrations.
Even though we prefer to work with our friends at Adobe, we understand and respect that many of you may want to connect Mimir to other tools in your setup.

Mimir Desktop allows you to use Avid Media Composer, Apple FinalCutX and DaVinci Resolve with the same groundbreaking workflows that you have seen Mimir do with Adobe Premiere, including sub clipping. In fact, any software that supports native OS drag and drop will work.

How it looks in Mimir 

Mimir Desktop - Avid Media Composer workflow


Mimir Desktop - Avid Media Composer workflow


Mimir Desktop - Final Cut Pro workflow

Mimir Desktop - Final Cut Pro workflow


Mimir Desktop - DaVinci Resolve workflow

Mimir Desktop - DaVinci Resolve workflow


Soon to be released

Mimir Desktop will be released together with Mimir Live in Q1 2021. At that point, both our Mimir Panel in Premiere and Mimir Desktop will be able to do sub clipping on live sources.

Other new features

And since we have your attention: Our Mimir pre-Christmas release also includes automatic registration of unknown persons. Utilising Amazon recognition services, Mimir can store unrecognized faces in the system. These can either be given a name at a later point or merged with existing persons in the system. And we have released Mimir-panels for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. Enjoy!

So to all our friends, fans, customers and future customers out there: We wish you all a safe and restful Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope that we will be able to meet up soon. We miss you!


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