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See Mimir in Switzerland 17-20 Oct

We are joining the world's leading professionals within broadcast archives at the FIAT/IFTA World Conference in Locarno, 17-20 Oct. 

During the conference, our Mimir product experts will showcase the platform and join the discussions on AI. Kristian Kim Eikeland, Senior VP of Sales at Mimir presents the Industry view on SaaS, AI and GPT. During the session, Kristian addresses among other subjects the opportunities for broadcasters to embrace SaaS and the challenges of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Read about the conference on the FIAT / IFTA website here

Mimir, the cloud-native asset management and video production platform, will be demonstrated with new and improved features: 

  • Manages all your live videos, clips, images, audio files, and documents in the cloud.
  • Accessing your files and projects from anywhere. 
  • Using AI for automatic metadata logging, transcriptions, translations, object and face detection, event detection and much more.
  • Collaboration features that enable professionals to seamlessly work from anywhere, from the office, home, or while traveling. 

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