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Mimir and Dina integration with LiveU
  • September 6, 2023
  • 5 mins read

Mimir and Dina Announce Video Integration with LiveU at IBC Show 2023

Mimir and Dina Announce Groundbreaking Video Integration with LiveU at IBC Show 2023


BERGEN, 06 September 2023 - Mimir and Dina unveil their latest integration with LiveU at the IBC 2023. This marks a significant milestone in streamlining media workflows with the collaboration set to redefine how media houses manage, edit, and publish live content.

The integration will deliver story-based workflows and is the latest addition to the automatic recording and story metadata tagging solution, LiveU Ingest. Stories created in Dina can be selected by the field operator, allowing seamless ingest and story association into a Mimir-accessible cloud storage bucket. Any content sourced from the LiveU unit into LiveU Ingest is instantly available within the Mimir interface, directly into the Dina-generated folder. Even more revolutionary is that editors can start working on the growing file in real-time via the Mimir platform or any non-linear editing system equipped with the Mimir Plugin without any bottlenecks or extra interfaces. 

Steve Wind-Mozley, LiveU's CMO, remarked, "LiveU’s IP-video over bonded cellular field units have fast become the reliable way to take stories from ’ground-to-cloud’ and LiveU Ingest helps shorten workflows and adds efficiency with automatic recording and meta-tagging. Now, through our integration with Mimir and Dina, we can help customers enrich their content, automate their workflow and turn around their stories even faster, with instant access to all their live assets. Narratives can be expanded with additional feeds and edited ’on-the-fly’ to craft the most compelling pieces."  

In the past, technical systems operated independently from journalistic processes. However, with this integrated workflow, journalists can view incoming video footage directly within the story. This provides immediate insight into on-the-ground developments.

Steinar Søreide, Mimir Media Tech CTO, expressed his excitement, stating, "The utilization of cloud storage has revolutionized the media industry in an unprecedented manner, now enabling seamless handling of live feeds. These feeds are ready for editing and clipping in real-time from any location, even as they grow. Partnering with renowned companies such as LiveU not only amplifies the power of these capabilities but also guarantees that our customers extract the utmost advantage from these workflows.

Dina, the newsroom system, paves the way for a digital-first publishing approach. Reporters can effortlessly create and manage content for various publishing points, including digital and broadcast, with all live assets at their fingertips, primed for instantaneous publishing. 

Dina Media Tech CTO, Andreas T. Whiteley, shared the company's vision: “At Dina, our foremost objective has always been to streamline the daily tasks for our reporters, producers, and planners. Providing integrated access to live assets directly within a story exemplifies our commitment to this vision."

Join Mimir, Dina, and LiveU at the IBC Show 2023 to witness firsthand the next era of media production and editing workflows.

This workflow can be seen at the Fonn Group booth 7.D06, or at the LiveU booth 7.B19 at IBC 2023. 

About Mimir

Mimir is a video production and collaboration platform for professionals. The Fonn Group company, Mimir, embodies the front line of cloud-native platforms, redefining efficiency, seamless workflows and collaboration from any location. Mimir manages your live videos, clips, images, and audio files. It uses AI for automatic metadata logging to power its industry-leading search.

About Dina

Dina is a digital-first story-centric newsroom system with an industry-leading web-based linear rundown system. Dina is disrupting incumbent newsroom systems by offering a solution built for collaboration between all editorial departments with out-of-the-box workflows to support planning and publishing to all platforms. Dina uses AI to empower the newsroom the be more efficient and accurate.

Dina customers are, amongst others, blinx, GB News, TV 2 FYN, TVNZ, and ausbiz. Dina has won several prestigious industry awards since its launch in 2019.


About LiveU 

LiveU's EcoSystem adds efficiency and shortens workflows across the entire video production chain for news, sports, public safety and other verticals. Reducing complexity, the LiveU EcoSystem delivers an optimized and flexible IP video network for contribution, production and distribution. Building on our global market leadership and innovation, LiveU offers the highest quality, reliable IP-video solutions for all types of live productions – producing more for less. Our rich portfolio, built on the pioneering LRT™ (LiveU Reliable Transport) protocol, ranges from our portable production-level field units and smartphone apps to next-gen cloud IP management, ingest, production and distribution solutions. With over 5,000 customers in 150 countries, LiveU’s technology is the solution of choice for global broadcasters, sports, public safety and other organizations (including government, education, enterprise, and production houses), streaming live video to TV, mobile, online, and social media. LiveU is a multi-award winner, including Frost & Sullivan for global product leadership and Technology & Engineering Emmy® Awards. For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram. 

About LRT™

Developed by LiveU, LRT™ (LiveU Reliable Transport) is the power behind all LiveU solutions, offering rock-solid reliability over cellular and other IP networks. The LRT™ protocol supports low latency, high resiliency video and audio transmission and was built from the ground up to accommodate the special properties of 4G/5G cellular as well as more traditional wireless and wired networks. LRT™ is optimized to support the bonding of multiple IP connections. Learn more:

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