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Online video management and editorial workflows at Al Arabiya 

When Dubai based Al Arabiya were looking for a solution to move their online published video to the cloud, to improve their logging, and to reuse their video content for multiple platforms, they looked towards Fonn Group; a technology group known for its innovative tools for journalists and editors.

Al Arabiya chose Mimir, by Fonn Group company Mjoll, for their online video management and editorial workflows. With Mimir, Al Arabiya will automate their speech-to-text transcriptions and translations. With Mimir, they introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) as part of their editorial workflow, to extract metadata from media assets.

With Mimir, the team at Al Arabiya saves time by automating their logging. They enable their journalists and editors to find back to the video material they need with a metadata based search and reuse this on multiple platforms.

“We have a long term relationship with the companies in Fonn Group, and especially the Mjoll team. With their experience in video technology and workflow, we trusted them to provide the best solutions for us”, says Fadi Radi, Director of Creative, Al Arabiya Group.

He adds: 

“To adapt such an amazing service of AI-based functions on a wide scale, with our content, is a big challenge! After extensive testing of competitive solutions, Mimir proved to give best results for media management, search, and for our speech-to-text analysis and translations, especially for Arabic language, and the many dialects across all our regions of coverage“


studio at al arabiya

studio at al arabiya

Moving their online published videos to cloud storage

With moving their online published videos to cloud storage with Mimir, the Al Arabiya team can now easily find their video assets and reuse them on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, on websites, in apps and more. Mimir increases the value of their media content!

“Al Arabiya has a long term relationship with technology companies from Media City Bergen and is in the forefront of implementing editorial and creative workflows for the future. We are very happy to add to this list, as one of their trusted technology partners”, says Haavard Myklebust, CEO of Mjoll.

Adobe workflow

The video editing team at Al Arabiya uses Mimir in Adobe Premiere Pro. Mimir can be opened as a panel in Premiere Pro and the editor has full access to all Mimir features from within their editing platform, including advanced search. Clips can easily be imported into a Premiere Pro project, the editor can create subclips from text selections in video transcripts, and much more.

With the integrated Mimir and Premiere Pro workflow the editor can choose to work with high res material or with proxy files. Read more about Mimir and the proxy workflow here.

About Al Arabiya

Al Arabiya is a pan arab free-to-air television news channel. It is a 24-hour news offering on all platforms, with the latest breaking news, politics, business, features, opinion and lifestyle. With a headquarters in Dubai and correspondents across the region, Al Arabiya presents a globalized view of the Arab world to audiences across five continents.

About Mjoll

Mjoll is a software company founded in Norway in 2019. The company is part of Fonn Group and member of Media City Bergen. The company launched Mimir in 2019. Mimir is in use by production companies, broadcasters, media houses and others, worldwide.

Learn more about Mimir here